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Title: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Paul_K on December 04, 2011, 07:49:49 PM
Dear forum users,

After seeing multiple reviews headed my way a few weeks ago I went ahead and got myself a copy of To The Moon, I started it up and after 3 minutes of play I stopped playing.
Clicking, reading text, With SET's ( thats how you call them in America right? ) coming up on the university and lots of stuff on my mind I just couldn't get in the right mindset.
Then a few days ago I gave it another run and I finished it in 4 hours, started again right away and finished it again.

This is quite a long intro to what I want to share here, but hell, might as well do it properly right?

Lots has been said about the game, mostly praise, some hate ( on the zombie part ) but then again, a great comment about Laputa in ANY videogame equals a little frustrating designer part :)

But to me what stands out, and what should be said and read more than once on this forum is that this game is so unbelievably good in connecting.
Not only us as fans on a forum, it makes you think about your choices in life, how you treat your next of kin and how fast life can go by, those are questions that I asked myself and many more still reside within me after playing through this game multiple times.

Its not COD MW3, its not chrono trigger and it doesnt need to be, its an honest and inspiring story which I'll get more insightful on (hopefully) once my paper takes shape, but it goes to show how far the medium of videogames can go in terms of making you ''feel'' something that is genuine and real.

Whilst playing this I saw multiple ( mostly horror tinted ) scenario's unfolding in my head ( would there be a dead child somewhere along the way, a murder perhaps ) what are the choices that i have made up untill now in my life, and would i go back and rearrange my actions so the outcome could be different?

Hopefully this ( mostly incoherent ) post catches on to your own feelings and a good discussion can develop out of this..did it made you think about life? about your choices ?

One promise I will make, if all goes well Mr. Gao is kind enough to lend a bit of his time and insights on my paper, If its done ( and interest is alive on the forum ) ill post my essay once its finished.
Im probably the only one at this moment who is trying to get his degree on this game so why not share with you guys right?

Hoping to hear from all of you,

Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Vasha on December 04, 2011, 07:57:50 PM
Did I misread, or are you doing a college paper on this game? Cuz if that's so, you, my friend, are awesome. If not, you're just cool. Welcome.
Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Paul_K on December 04, 2011, 08:04:59 PM
Yeah Vasha,

Im not just doing a paper, I study Cinema Sciences in Holland and this is my final paper on which I will get my degree or not.
Its about this game yes :)
Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Vasha on December 04, 2011, 08:09:59 PM
Wow, that is totally awesome. What specifically is the paper about? The game in general, how it's put together, what?
Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Paul_K on December 04, 2011, 08:14:16 PM
My paper is about storytelling in videogames, and the emotional connection people have to videogames. That part takes up about 3 pages, the remaining part is about to the moon, the story, the inspiration, the possible sequels, why it is gaining such a devote core of fans, it will go in multiple directions and the input mr gao can give me will offcourse influence some parts of the above.

First and foremost my own personal experiences will go in, im mostly not so open on such a thing as the internet, but recent private events have definately played a part in how i think of this game.
In a flash I lost my father in law a few months ago due to suicide, ive lost several people in quite a short span of time actually, and the whole concept of time, emotions, and how to decide in life ''what is right'' definately taps into this game.
Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Paul_K on December 04, 2011, 08:21:07 PM
Ill probably get flamed for saying this but to me ''To The Moon'' purely rated as a game would not be higher than a 5 maybe 6.
Taken into account how we rate videogames in this day and age, the graphics ( who as far as I know arent adjustable in settings at all ) are offcourse a bit of a stylechoice with 16-bit graphics, the gameplay consists of clicking, barely using your mind to find those pesky elements and one short (annoying) bit of action with the evazombies.
But this has all been covered in 100's of reviews.

The question which makes this game so interesting and captivating for not just my paper but in general is that a story, just a good story, with real felt emotions, with a connection, is what sets this apart.
This isnt me fanboying out on a game, its just something that hasnt been achieved by videogames up untill now.
Soap dying in call of duty ( sorry for that spoiler ) did not make me care at all, master chief doing his thang in Halo..whatever, and going about in cool, but does not make me question how i live my life..

It's a 74 mb, 16-bit style, mediocre gameplay having little game that does.
And thats because its gameplay isnt mediocre when u discuss what gameplay encompasses..but im probably boring the crap out of you with this banter arent I :)
Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: zipple4 on December 04, 2011, 08:55:40 PM
Hey all I'm new here too  :).

   I completely agree with you. I'm never one to really ever play indie games because they just never seem to grab my attention from the bigger titles. I ended up playing To the Moon when I saw Gamespot was doing a podcast on it, and I didn't want everything they were going to say to just fly over my head; so I took a break from playing Skyrim, and much to my surprise, what went from being a requirement to watching the show became, truly, the best game I have EVER played in my life. What really blows me away is that I found the actual gameplay to be rather tedious and boring... but man, I have never in my life been so emotionally and mentally involved in any form of entertainment. Everything about the story, the characters, the dialogue and the music are just done on a higher level than I thought could exist in a video game.

Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Vasha on December 04, 2011, 10:27:57 PM
Don't worry, Paul, it's not boring. I think it's totally cool to hear your thoughts, especially with you going into the career you are. It's pretty nifty!
Title: Re: A (hopefully thought out) statement on a great game
Post by: Just Lance on December 05, 2011, 02:50:58 AM
You know that's the thing I kind of don't like in modern days. Everybody is chasing after the "good look" of games and they really suffer from it. Really there weren't many games lately (means a few last years) which really catched my atention I personaly prefere older games so I never had a problems wih 16-bit graphic but also like many people here I was here when Kan started with development of TtM and I move on indie scene for several years. Well my point is: I prefere a storyline to good looking and top notch technology which is something I lack and which is plenty in work of Freebird Games and in other games of Indie and unfortunately a thing I miss with big companies. My personal opinion why this games have so many positive reviews is that it brought something half forgotten but strong and shaped which catched the atention and had impact on gamers who played it.