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Title: A Letter to my Love
Post by: Vasha on October 08, 2010, 08:28:24 PM
Dear James,

    Today is the third day, now. Ever since they came, life has been a living hell. By day, their cannon fire shakes the very foundations of our houses; by night, their gunshots keep us from sleep, or haunt the dreams of the lucky few. But for me it's even more unbearable. With every shot, bang, boom, and crack, thoughts of you flood through my mind, and I am sorry to say that all my worry and doubt come back to me anew.
    I had begged you not to go, but you would not listen. As soon as the fighting began, you were adamant in your decision. I do not mean to make you worry for me, but every thought of you since you left brings me nothing but torture. Every minute of ever day I have thought of finding you. I  had just made up my mind to find you when the war came here. Now I fear for my life too much to even take a step outside city bounds.
    I am sure you have unbelievable troubles as a soldier, but things are by no means easy at home, either.  No one is able to in or out of the city, unless they want to get caught in the crossfire, and so the city has become a variable prison. I hear rumours that food and water will begin to be rationed if the armies to not move on soon. Already people are beginning to grumble. Jane is even threatening to stop holding her tea parties. I can not imagine anyone's life, especially hers, without her weekly get-togethers.
    I feel tears coming to my eyes now; I must finish. I love you dearly, and every day I pray for your safe return. May the loving God who brought us together see us joyously returned to each other when all this is through.

        Your loving wife,