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Title: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: Rayen on September 03, 2010, 06:58:11 PM (

Nice place to visit when you're feeling a bit low. Share your favorite "awesome things," whether they be ones you find at the blog or ones you've experienced yourself. :3

Spoiler: A couple of my favorite from the 1000 Awesome Things blog • show

#500 Making it halfway ([url][/url])

Maybe youíre running on the treadmill when you catch the clock tick past the middle of your sweaty jog. Maybe youíre reading late at night and notice youíre on the middle page where the left and right sides form one big rectangle of paper. Or maybe youíre on a long Sunday drive to visit a hometown friend when you pass that rusty gas station halfway down the highway.

Yes, it sure is sweet making it halfway anywhere. It means you got started, you gave it a shot, and now youíre doing it, baby.

When you make it halfway take a moment to smile and enjoy where youíre at. Because sure, thereís a lot in that rearview mirror, but thereís so much around the bend, too.



#584 That one email account you use for all your spam ([url][/url])

Sorry, you need my email address?

Sure, no problem open house real estate agent, clothing store mailing list, or random membership-required website.

Hit me up at idontcheckthisaccount


Title: Re: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: Rayen on September 22, 2010, 04:21:09 AM
Rain on the "official" first day of Fall. ... Awesome. Just pure awesome.

Title: Re: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: Merlandese on September 25, 2010, 02:09:26 AM
There's a lot of stuff on that list! Who likes yellow teeth!?

Spoiler: show
#417 The sound of water lapping against a dock -- Soothing.

#898 Playing old-school video games -- Obviously. Also, high-school and middle-school games.

#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited -- Don't know why, but I'll swear by it.

#1000 Broccoflower -- I actually learned about this in a casual study of fractals and Fibonacci numbers. The brilliance of math in nature is compelling.

#539 When you open a book to the exact page you were looking for -- Although, any time I open a book it's awesome.
Title: Re: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: Merlandese on September 25, 2010, 02:11:12 AM
Oh, and #563 Watching cream go into coffee. I just saw this and started up my percolator. It has to be done.
Title: Re: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: Rayen on October 03, 2010, 02:28:33 AM
#408 Dinosaurs

They ruled Earth for millions of years. With brains the size of peanuts. And tiny, hilarious arms.


My own: Manager chairs. Always nice to have a chair big enough to fit your feet and legs on, so you can twirl around in it with ease~ Awesome.
Title: Re: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: Ronnie on October 03, 2010, 04:35:30 AM
#955 Sneezing three or more times in a row

Sometimes sneezes hit you and hit you hard.

Unless youíre rolling around in a pile of ragweed or sleeping on a pillow filled with pepper and cat hair, it usually starts completely out of nowhere. You feel that tickle deep up your nose. Just a tiny little quiver way, way up there, near where you eyeball connects to your brain. You squint a bit, pull your hand up to your mouth, and then BOOM! Your eyes squeeze tightly, your face contorts and crunches together, and it screams down your face at the speed of sneeze, exploding out of your mouth in a wet and ugly climax of snot droplets and head goo flying in all directions.

Despite the look of it, sneezing can feel pretty great. Not only does repeated sneezing give you a weird, spacey head rush, but it can also be quite refreshing. Those sinuses get cleaned out a bit. The nose hairs get a brief, windy blow down. Plus, you fire whatever might be irritating your nasal cavity out of your nose like a cannon, sending it flying across the room in a spastic I Must Get This Out Of Me overreaction.

Now, although sneezes are usually a surprise, there are times when you know theyíre in there and you just want them to leave. Whatís worse than that frustratingly stubborn sneeze? Iím talking about the kind that pauses all conversation, leaving your friends stuck grimacing and watching you writhe in an agitated Potentially Sneezing Soon state, trying to force the sneeze locked in your nose in or out.

Itís just awkward.

But thatís why it feels great to let that booming sneeze out, preferably in a punctuated rat-a-tat-tat sequence of three or more sneezes for the full effect. Tiny mousesqueak sneezes or booming dogbark sneezes welcome, because whatever your style man, thatís cool. Itís all good.

And hey, you know whatís the best part? Free blessing! Yes, everyone around you chimes in just when your body is buzzing, your sinuses are sparkling, and your head pipes are all vacuumed clean.


My mom always sneezes three times when she sneezes. I usually sneeze four. xD
Title: Re: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: Reives on January 07, 2011, 03:50:56 PM
I've never commented on how fantastic that blog is. The creator of that site gave a talk about enjoying life, and it just got posted on TED recently -- It was quite an inspiring speech; a simple message, but something that needed to be said.

TED Video: The 3 'A's of Awesome - Neil Pasricha [click] (

I was particularly fond of the apple-from-Morocco story and from there to the end.
Title: Re: 1000 Awesome Things
Post by: DreamingSoul- on April 17, 2011, 04:17:14 AM
Writing.   :seraismile: