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In Lunair - Posted Feb 10, 2011
I am now reminded of a Touhou doujin where the main character was an intense troll :P

anyhow, this is reaaaally good :D
In Uncharted Realms ~ Piano - Posted Jan 08, 2011
Me likey :) It's a really close arrange from Uncharted Realms :D
In To Realize Arrange - Posted Jul 27, 2010
GPO is Garittan's Personal Orchestra, the VSt plugin I use to make music :)
In Requiem for a Beloved Wife - Posted Jul 27, 2010
It's pretty good, albeit a little short (I've read a ton of fanfics that span 20+chapters that are 3 times the size of this story per chapter :P). It works well as a standalone story, but it fits well into the scene in question.
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