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In WATERCOLOR RIVER - Posted Dec 27, 2014
<3 <3 <3
In take me anywhere - Posted Dec 14, 2011
In the thumbnail at the bottom of the page, I thought that was a Llama. But alas, upon seeing it here it's a horse.

Still an awesome picture. Really great job, dude. Hoping to see more work from you in the future.
In Le Meilleur des Détectives - Posted Nov 10, 2011
lol, this is totally epic. Is it odd that I see Watts sitting on a throne dressed as a dark overlord sentancing an innocent man to death while listening to this? I'm tempted to use this to make a "Watts is a Sigmund Corp. patient" fanfic with him as an evil dictator or something, lol.
In River - Posted Apr 19, 2011
Awe ^.^ She looks so cute.
In Lunair - Posted Apr 19, 2011
This is how I imagine Lunair looks a few times when she's alone. I really love the way you colored it. It looks freaking awesome.  Do you have a higher res version of this? I want to use it as a desktop for a few days. (I'm a big lunair fan :P)
In It's A Reivier Thing - Posted Sep 29, 2010
wow, I missed this one. Freaking epic. Love the "gwar, kill the guards" pose the best. Good job BAE!
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