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In It's a Promise - Posted Feb 27, 2018
Is this young neil and eva making a promise to become sig-corp workers together? :3
In Lunair - Posted Nov 28, 2017
I'm always excited when new Quintessence art shows up :) And it's GOOD quintessence art. Thanks for posting it ^.^
In x-mas art - Posted Dec 26, 2016
Always love your holiday art Cydriex :)
In For River - Posted Dec 12, 2016
@mobbstar, I linked it in the discord awhile ago. That's prolly where you saw it :3
In Halloween Special art - Posted Oct 29, 2016
Awesome!!  Everyon'e in there :3 It's super cool of you to do this.

Also, this picture is so loved that someone other than me approved it in the gallery o.o Now THAT is impressive.
In To the Moon Proposal - Posted Aug 29, 2016
Holy crap! I remember when you were asking for help with this forever ago!

Cool to see it in action :D
In Hug me - Posted Feb 27, 2016
@DM, glad you like it :D

@Abrom, hehe  :blush: thanks. I'm not particularly satisfied with how my shading always looks, so I hope I improve as much as you're anticipating :)
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 11, 2016
I just realized how much DM feels straight out of Clannad in this comic lol. The poses coupled with what she's saying. It really seems like something from one of KEY's visual novels. :)
In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 09, 2016
Heh. This is really cool :) I'm glad you decided to listen to who I assume was DM and stick around!
In Merry X-Mas!! - Posted Dec 25, 2015
Why doesn't this have any comments yet? O.o

Looks awesome Cydriex. Mr Legacyblade looks super focused on playing the symbols lol. Marlin is playing into someone's ears. And DM isn't sure whether or not she likes singing the song!

This feels correct.
In Sad Dm - Posted Dec 02, 2015
Potato? Cookie? She's obviously crying tears of joy because she gets to eat that steaming delicious bowl of fried rice. ;)
In Atommo - Posted Dec 01, 2015
I bet the spyball will be used for catching pokemon.
In Sylv - Posted Nov 20, 2015
I think it's a chocolate milkshake.
In Sylv - Posted Nov 18, 2015
The real mystery is what he's drinking in that cup. It could be anything.
In Johnny's house in minecraft - Posted Nov 09, 2015
Looking good :D I don't think we can use bigger pictures sadly.

Are you using lapis or stained clay for the blue bits? (I hardly ever use the vanilla texture pack >.>)

If you ever make a second go at this build, I'd make the buildings about twice the size so you can fit more detail in :) (like the windows in the main building) But even as it stands, this looks cool :D
In FreeBirdia Halloween Special - Posted Nov 03, 2015
@DM, I'm usually the one who ends up approving gallery submissions (I think the other ones don't scroll down to the bottom). And I was out of town >.>
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Sep 04, 2015
Oh hey! I didn't even notice the moon, sun, or stars before. I don't think they distract much, but they do clash slightly. Maybe if they were only outlines, it would make them fit in better. Or maybe you could just remove them. Either way, I think it's a nice drawing!
In The Mirror Lied fan art :) - Posted Aug 31, 2015
It looks like something Akiyuki Shinbo would have in a flashback sequence or as some sort of metaphor. I love it :D
In Issue 8 - Posted Aug 31, 2015
Enter the wolf princess!

I love how you drew her! She's so cute!

(Also, I love that I'm functionally a hipster garry oak. It is quite possibly the greatest thing ever XD)

btw, you may want to consider posting a link to the facebook page in the description. That way people who don't already know where it is can find the higher rez versions.
In Issue 4 - Posted Aug 02, 2015
The truth comes out. Roxaszu actually hates Cydriex!
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