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In River - Posted Mar 21, 2011
It's called a tree knot.
In Hair Cut (Lined) - Posted Feb 27, 2011
.. I love your stuff so much, Bae. <3
In Dr Neil Watts - Posted Feb 20, 2011
Your sketches.. their lines.. they're so clean. /envies ;A;

Especially love the eyes in that last sketch.
In Lunair - Posted Feb 09, 2011
Oh my. How lovely. Shame it's in JPG.
In Agatha and Eshe - Posted Sep 23, 2010
This is only 25% the size of the original scans. All I did was resize, contrast, sharpen, and fix a couple little smudges and mistakes. XD;
In It's A Reivier Thing - Posted Aug 20, 2010
Action pose = awesome~
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