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Reivier Anime Character
I recently found a program called Anime Character Maker and I decided to make Reivier on it. He looks so badass! 8)
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 Rating: 4.68
Mar 16, 2015
in Quintessenc­e - The Blighted V…
Chibi Leah
Recently I found a Chibi Maker on Devientart and I wanted to make a chibi character. Since someone already made a Neil and Eva chibi, I decided to make Leah from The Mirror Lied.
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 Rating: 4.73
Jan 19, 2015
in The Mirror Lied
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First submission here, YAY! :) Anyway I know it's a little late but I drew this for Christmas. This is the first picture I drew of people kissing and honestly, I'm proud of it. I've drawn rosawatts before but that picture's not as good as for I drew it back when I first started to draw people.

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 Rating: 4.26
Jan 16, 2015
in To the Moon
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