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In 123 - Posted Apr 23, 2015
It's really pretty, and exciting! Great work! :)
In Agatha and Eshe - Posted Sep 22, 2010
Nice!  Is that the original scan, or did you fix it before uploading it here?  It looks so clean~  :)
In Reivier and Lunair on the hilltop - Posted May 24, 2010
You know that's really, really cute, right?  :3
In Quintessence - Ending Music Video (Episodic) - Posted May 23, 2010
I get the same feeling.  xD
In Quintessence - Reivier and Lunair VS Vikon and Mimi - Posted May 22, 2010

No, Reivier!  THIS IS MIMI!


Anyway, I laugh when Lunair curses.  xD
In "Beyond the Land and the Mist" (Lunair Naeryns) - Posted May 21, 2010
Thank you!  I like the hair a lot, too.  :)
In Quintessence - Posted May 21, 2010
Yeah, that would be nice!
In Quintessence - Posted May 21, 2010
In QTBV Cast Compilation - Posted May 20, 2010
Fantastic!  I really like your style.
In ~Lunaireelika~ Lunair Cosplay - Posted May 20, 2010
That's excellent work, Raxus!  She does remind me of Lunair.  And Moony is pretty.  :)
In Quintessenc­e Title Screen - Posted May 18, 2010
Thank you for your contribution, Reperawin!
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