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'Quintessence Characters in Liney Head Form' pt. 2
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I was bored during the day once, so I started lazily drawing some of the (heads of the) quintessence characters. Some of them turned out okay, but some of them aren't that great. Overall, I'm not that great of an artist, so don't be surprised if they suck.

Kardien:        Wow. I can't draw his hair to save my life. He practically looks like he's wearing a powdered wig!
Serai:           This is one of my favorite ones (these last three are probably my favorites). I think I did the hair and expression fairly well. (expression
                       more than the hair)
Heath:          Since I drew him with hearts as eyes, I tried to give them a bit of the purple Aerian tint. I couldn't resist drawing myself telling him to die,
Eshe:            I think I did her hair fairly well, but I couldn't remember what the hair over her forehead looked like. Oh, well. That expression, in my  
opinion, fits her perfectly.

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