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In Lady Lunair - Posted May 15, 2013
In Please, Sal? - Posted Jan 31, 2013
Oh, God. This should be in-game.
In Quintessence - Posted Jan 05, 2013
Where's the like button when you need one? D:
In Smile - Posted Jan 05, 2013
I like that you included her hat from the old Quintessence haha
In Neon Electric Moongazer! - Posted May 13, 2011
Kind of a fitting credits music for a "To the Moon" fan-game revolving around Dr. Watts.
In ~Lunaireelika~ Lunair Cosplay - Posted Dec 24, 2010
@Stardale. I'd rather get someone community-approved over a well-known director. Movies based on games are really easy to screw up especially when "well-known" directors change crucial aspects of the story just to fit their itching creativity (why don't they just make a new, unrelated movie to suit their much needed changes escapes me).

Anyway, I saw this and I was like b-:D-d. A Quintessence photographic comic comes to mind. :D
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