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In Caged Flight - Posted Apr 24, 2011
I really like it, it's creepy...and makes me rethink all my current TML theories.
-needs to replay TML yet again-
In Lunair - Posted Mar 27, 2011
You artists are all so awesome.
I like how she looks sweet but disdainful at the same time.
In River - Posted Mar 23, 2011
She looks so sweet. I want her as a little sister.
In Dr Neil Watts - Posted Feb 20, 2011
Heh, Watts looks a lot younger than I pictured him. I really like all of them! video? I'm intrigued.
In Lunair - Posted Feb 09, 2011
I love it!

Now go make anime screen captures for all the other characters! :P

But seriously, I think Lunair gets too much love. I want more Vikon~!
In The Innocent Girl She Once Was - Posted Feb 08, 2011
@talia, well, if I knew absolutely nothing about Lunair and there was no small Lunair, she seems to have a very impassive look to me. But in context, she looks sad and alone- but not really innocent, at least not to me. I love different interpretations, ^^, but I hope Kirroha doesn't mind us questioning her. :P

And btw, really nice, Kirroha. :)
In Cat Talk - Posted Feb 04, 2011
Probably my favorite scene in the entire game- no wait, the one where Lunair burns the cat is. xD
In Lunair Eyeshift - Posted Jan 27, 2011
You had to torture me with that knowledge D: I want now...
In No Swimming! - Posted Jan 27, 2011
The expression on Reivier's face made me literally laugh out loud, which I almost never do. xD
In The "Pretty-fied Lunair" - Posted Jan 18, 2011
Heh, this makes me see a whole new, girly side to Lunair! It's really nice~.
In It's A Reivier Thing - Posted Jan 18, 2011
Yeah, the going-insane Reivier is definitely my favorite, but I like them all!
In QTBV Cast Compilation - Posted Jan 18, 2011
I like the Serait chibi the best, and I feel cruel for that. D:
In Serai on a Log - Posted Jan 18, 2011
Nice to see Serai as something other than a damsel-in-distress and jealous wife~.

I like! (I want a colored version! :D?)
In Petal Laeril - Posted Jan 18, 2011
This is exactly how I pictured Kaire, I love it.

(Colored version? Please? :D?)
In Vikon X Salory: Forest - Posted Jan 18, 2011
This one is just awesome! I love it!
In ~Lunaireelika~ Lunair Cosplay - Posted Jan 18, 2011
I definitely want to see a full-body version of this- it's really cool!

(Could Raxus do Reives? :P)
In To the Moon Fan Art - Posted Jan 18, 2011
After seeing that crazed Watts, I'm never going to think of him in the same way again...
I really like both though.
In The lighthouse - Posted Jan 18, 2011
It looks pretty! Although quite depressing with the gravestone. :'(
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