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In My time at Freebird - Posted Jan 26, 2016
Looks like I have a lasting impression. :D
In to the moon river - Posted Feb 04, 2013
Yeah it's really sticking out like a gem. ^^
In Lady Lunair Naeryns - Posted Jan 20, 2013
Oh Mucha. A fellow countryman. I like this idea of incomporating Mucha's style like this. Here the Mucha is sometimes everywhere. Some people even have Mucha hanged in the toilet room. :P
In Smile - Posted Jan 04, 2013
So awesome I think my eyes are bleeding. ^^ Lunair and smiles don't really come together in my mind so the impact is mind-blowing. :)
In Lunair - Posted Jan 03, 2013
Hell yeah Yandere Lunair. ^^
In Quintessence - Posted Jan 03, 2013
Oh cool... Wait... O.o A Ladybug? O.O ... ... ... ^^
In Tattoo - Posted Nov 15, 2012
This should be marked in history of Freebirdia. With story and everything.
In Beta Blockers - Posted Feb 25, 2012
NIce touch. &^^
In TML effect (GIF) - Posted Dec 21, 2011
Eshe likes. ^^
In Leah - Pew pew pew! - Posted Dec 15, 2011
Looks like M9 and that ain't a small gun :D
In old dude john and mini river - Posted Nov 25, 2011
This is really nice pic with touch of impresionism. I like this kind of paintings. :)
In Vikon in Cosplay As... (Coloured) - Posted Sep 09, 2011
Oh REALLY cool sis. ^^
In Neil in Cosplay As.... - Posted Sep 03, 2011
Play as Mimi or Mimi in Platy costume?
In Neil in Cosplay As.... - Posted Sep 02, 2011
Wohoo! That's really awesome! ^^
In CUTE REVIER - Posted Aug 23, 2011
Mwuhahaha. Looking forward on it sis. :P
In Lunair is Modern (Line) - Posted Aug 20, 2011
Did I really forgot to write how awesome this picture is and how much I love it? O.O Well I do it now :D
In Caged Flight - Posted Jun 05, 2011
If I'd get one I'd keep it. I'd use it. :P
In Caged Flight - Posted Apr 23, 2011
Why is it so hard to write neatly with a mouse?!

Because for that is  tablet...
In Lunair - Posted Mar 27, 2011
OH YEAH! That's really great piece of art Del. :D
In River - Posted Mar 24, 2011
Exacly the kind of face I would expect from someone like River. ^^
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