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In Tattoo - Posted Nov 25, 2012
Your tattoo looks good! It's not everyday that I see tattoos that are not derived from games like To the Moon. =) Your friend also deserves credit for introducing you to the game.
In River and John Under the Stars - Posted Sep 15, 2012
It's very cute! =D I loved the way you painted the platypus, and made it turn out wonderfully.
In Neon Electric Moongazer! - Posted Jan 17, 2011
You know, if only there was a like button here. :P It's awesome!
In Vikon X Salory: Forest - Posted May 24, 2010
This certainly became my favorite! :D
In ~Lunaireelika~ Lunair Cosplay - Posted May 20, 2010
Moony, if ever you got an invitation from a well-known director to be a part of the filming of Quintessence, would you gladly accept it? Honestly, you look just like her. You should try wearing Lunair's whole outfit, and have that fan on your hand. We'll see what will happen.
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