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In Launch - Posted Feb 25, 2015
Very nice!
In WATERCOLOR RIVER - Posted Jan 22, 2015
I love this.
In Eva and Neil in the Dream World - Posted Jan 13, 2014
This is crazy awesome!
In Lunair - Posted May 14, 2013
Man, you keep getting better and better!
In to the moon - Posted Feb 22, 2013
Wow! Looks amazing! Kind have looks like they're watching the world end. I guess they kind of are watching someone's world end.
In Lady Lunair Naeryns - Posted Jan 29, 2013
That is really cool. In the world of Quintessence it would be a very cool Wanted poster. XD
In Tattoo - Posted Nov 15, 2012
This is glorious! Glad to hear the surgery was a success. :)
In The Mirror Lied - Posted May 07, 2012
Yeah, this is great! Creepy as always.
In River on the Moon - Posted May 07, 2012
Fantastic picture! Love the textures.
In Leah - Pew pew pew! - Posted Dec 15, 2011
Leah! That's your last bullet!!!
In take me anywhere - Posted Dec 13, 2011
Oh my goodness this is beautiful! You're amazing, dude.
In old dude john and mini river - Posted Nov 26, 2011
Oh yeah, and feel free to post more! I love this kind of stuff. Plus, we need more To the Moon fan art.
In old dude john and mini river - Posted Nov 25, 2011
Oh, wow, this is really nice! Great job!
In River of Echoes- Piano Version - Posted Sep 11, 2011
Great job! XD
In Vikon in Cosplay As... (Coloured) - Posted Sep 08, 2011
Haha! I was totally leaning towards coloring this myself! I even brought it up in GIMP for a minute, but decided against it! You colored it exactly like I would have (or at least how I imagined I would have colored it). It looks great! The background's really nifty and I'm always up for some RGB noise. Great picture! And nice work flipping the buttons. :D
In Vikon in Cosplay As... (Coloured) - Posted Sep 04, 2011
Fantastic! That face is so Vikon, I love it!

I didn't realize it until you mentioned that you used theufw's pictures as a reference, but I think men's apparel buttons in reverse. o_O
In Neil in Cosplay As.... - Posted Sep 03, 2011
Then platypus Mimi cosplay!
In Neil in Cosplay As.... - Posted Sep 02, 2011
This reminded me of when Richard Castle tried to dress up as a space cowboy for Halloween. It's like the actor who plays Vikon also plays Watts. It feels like Easter egg goodness. Cadbury Easter eggs, with the creamy insides that taste like heaven.

Now that this comment no longer makes sense, great job, Blood!
In CUTE REVIER - Posted Aug 22, 2011
This is cute-tastic!
In Lunair is Modern (Line) - Posted Aug 12, 2011
Sooo... Goood...!
Love it, Blood! Top notch artistry!
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