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The Mirror Lied
So, for English class we had to write a piece of Literature in the style of either the Romantic Era, the Victorian Era, or the Post/Modern Era. Originally I was doing a modern story, then looked at the rubric and realized I was hardly doing anything related to what the teacher said was 'Modern Literature.'

But, as I was looking, I got an thought: "Hey, a lot of this stuff kind of sounds like The Mirror Lied!" As I kept reading, it kept reminding me of that game, and so this was born. It's already made people hate me (cuz I won't give them the meaning of it), and one person said it seemed like I was high when I wrote it.

So, here were some of the things she said 'Modern Literature' consisted of:
Collapsed Plot
   -It will seem to begin arbitrarily, to advance without explanation, and to end without  
    resolution, consisting of vivid segments juxtaposed without cushioning or integrating  
   -It will suggest rather than assert, making use of symbols and images instead of
   -The reader must participate in the making of the story by digging the coherent
    structure out that, on its surface, it seems to lack. Therefor, the search for meaning,
    even if it does not succeed, becomes meaningful itself.
Fragmentary Techniques
   -Modernest literature is notable for what it omits: the explanations, interpretations,
    connections, summaries, and and distancing that provide continuity, perspective, and
    security in traditional literature.
   -The idea of order, sequence, and unity in works of art is sometimes abandoned. the    
    long work will be an assemblage of fragments. Some modernist literature registers
    more as a collage.
Shifts in perspective, voice, and tone
   -Modern fiction tends to limit the reader to one character's point of view on the action.
    This limitation accorded with the modernist sense that "truth" does not exist
    objectively, but is the product of a personal interaction with reality. The selected point
    of view was often that of a naive or marginal person--a child or an outsider--to convey
    better the reality of confusion rather than the myth of certainty.
Stream of Consciousness

It also required some sort of Modern-relevant social commentary, so here's what I'm going to tell my teacher if she asks: Birdy represents war. Every time he flies over a continent, it's destroyed. "Birdie lies to you" (and some other things) is talking sort of about how to some people war may seem justified like you're doing it for the right reasons, but it always ends badly.

Or something like that.

NOTE: One of the fonts used did not come with my computer. It's called 'Anglican.' Google it or something to find it I guess (cuz I don't know where I got it from) or just change it to a different font. Like Monotype Corsiva (not as awesome, but that's what I used when I had to transfer it to google docs).

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PostedJune 05, 2011, 05:24:41 PM
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Comment #1 - Posted June 10, 2011, 06:37:53 AM
Hey thats interesting TML does match those points on Modern Literature. When I was reading this I felt like I was playing TML all over again. I think this story would've made a bigger impact on me if I hadn't played TML first. From your story the situation felt more desperate and lonely compared to the game. Especially in the parts where you mention searching for hopes and dreams which was a nice addition.


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Comment #2 - Posted October 02, 2016, 02:41:56 PM
I wouldn't say that TML is inconsistent in its style, but I can see why you thought of it when confronted with this description of "modern literature".

Your interpretation of Birdie being war makes me curious, though. How do you understand Leah "shooting" war?

Dragon Mage

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Comment #3 - Posted October 03, 2016, 03:56:32 AM
Dammit Mobbstar, this was 5 years ago!! XD
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