The Mirror Lied
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The Mirror Lied fan art :)
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Posted by soysauce91
Aug 27, 2015
Chibi Leah
Recently I found a Chibi Maker on Devientart and I wanted to make a chibi character. Since someone already made a Neil and Eva chibi, I decided to make Leah from The Mirror Lied.
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 Rating: 4.73
Posted by Dragon Mage
Jan 19, 2015
The Mirror Lied
This is my rendition of the primary theme from The Mirror Lied.  It was conceived, arranged, and exported within a three-hour window, almost immediately after I finished playing the game.
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 Rating: 4.74
Posted by danny
Apr 24, 2012
TML effect (GIF)
My reaction to when I finished playing TML. The background is just a tinted photo of the night sky.
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 Rating: 4.44
Posted by Avarlie
Dec 20, 2011
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Leah - Pew pew pew!
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Posted by ed335dot
Dec 14, 2011
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Posted by ed335dot
Dec 11, 2011
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Posted by Vasha
Jun 05, 2011
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Caged Flight
eeeehh! We need more TML fanart! Why is it so hard to write neatly with a mouse?!
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 Rating: 4.69
Posted by Avarlie
Apr 22, 2011
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