To the Moon
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River on the Moon
Just a drawing of River...I hope you enjoy it :)
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Posted by nvalee
May 06, 2012
To the Moon ~ Piano (Ending Version) - reproduction
To the Moon - Piano (Ending Version) - reproduction
a reproduction of the track "To the Moon - Piano (Ending Version)"

I made it months ago (sometimes on Feb)

midi file, and sheets music (quite messy though) are in the video description
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Posted by quellatalo
Aug 17, 2012
To the Moon ~ For River - Piano (Johnny's Version) - reproduction
To the Moon ~ For River - Piano (Johnny's Version) - reproduction
I reproduced the song and also created a score for it.
It's track 12 in the ost
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 Rating: 4.77
Posted by quellatalo
Aug 26, 2012
River from to the moon
This is a picture I drew of river when I was bored. took 2 days to make and still turned out horrible lol XD
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Posted by Zelda0909
Sep 04, 2012
After playing the game I felt like I had to do a fanart of it, and little River was the best option I had.

I loved this game, everything was really beautiful.
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Posted by Irieru
Sep 08, 2012
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River and John Under the Stars
Fanart for To The Moon~
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Posted by Lacksey
Sep 14, 2012
To the Moon - Neil vs Zombievas
I like how this came out! XD Maybe not the hands but still  :P
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Posted by kikikai
Sep 14, 2012
To the Moon - Eva R. and Neil W.
How I imagine them to look like (except I think Neil's glasses really cover his eyes according to a post I read...have to try redrawing them someday)  :)
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Posted by kikikai
Sep 14, 2012
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For River
'A painting of a woman holding something yellow and blue.'
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Posted by Jie
Sep 27, 2012
To the Moon - Reunion on the Moon
John and River, everybody! The ending sort of made me think "Aw, they met on the moon in the end :'D"...but then people said no, since River never knew Johnny finally knowing why are River, the rabbits, and the moon, so I drew this, because I still think in the after life, they met on…
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Posted by kikikai
Oct 03, 2012
Place of promises
I know this is a rather cliché piece of fanart but I just felt the need to do it regardless. It looks sloppy and unrefined, someday I'll come back to it and express the thoughts I couldn't possibly express through words. For now, this is my tribute to an excellent game.

Picture edited for the upload…
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Posted by Efram
Oct 08, 2012
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To the Moon - Chibi!Halloween!
I'm having too much fun with them XD Happy Halloween guys!
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Posted by kikikai
Oct 13, 2012
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To the Moon - Chibi!Halloween! COLOURED
COLOURED! ...But I don't really like how it came out...and I think I should have made Eva cosplay as Lunair :reivsweat: ...But I hope you all enjoy! :)
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Posted by kikikai
Oct 29, 2012
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Hello guys and girls,

First, I apologize for my English, I'm Italian and I learned the language exclusively with video games and a dictionary.

What I want to show you is the tattoo that I decided to take about two months ago. This is his story.

My best friend had to be surgically operated for a…
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Posted by Quintessenza
Nov 15, 2012
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To the Moon
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Posted by sungju
Dec 08, 2012
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