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In to the moon river - Posted Feb 10, 2013
In Lady Lunair Naeryns - Posted Jan 21, 2013
So pretty! :-*
In To the Moon - Chibi!Halloween! COLOURED - Posted Oct 29, 2012
Haha, this is awesome.
In Hair Cut (Lined) - Posted Mar 12, 2012
i can't believe I never saw this before! O_O This is awesome!
In TML effect (GIF) - Posted Dec 20, 2011
Haha. Nice :D
In Leah - Posted Dec 11, 2011
Wow, that's pretty cool! Nice job! (The bear's head looks really creepy, though O_O)
In Le Meilleur des Détectives - Posted Nov 09, 2011
That was pretty cool! I accidentally listened to it twice, but I totally don't mind :P
In Vikon in Cosplay As... (Coloured) - Posted Sep 04, 2011
When I first clicked on this, I actually was thinking it was the Neil cosplaying as Vikon one! I guess it really does look like Niel, then! :P
In Neil in Cosplay As.... - Posted Sep 02, 2011
That is amazing :D I can totally see either of them dressing up as each other some time, and that expression and everything... just so awesome! :)
In Lunair - Posted Mar 27, 2011
Like Reives said, her expression is kinda too soft. And she's SMILING! :o

But other than that, looks good ;)
In River - Posted Mar 20, 2011
Woah. I just realized that it looks like there's an eye on the tree O_O
In River - Posted Mar 20, 2011
Wow, that looks really good! Though the platypus kind of looks like a groundhog :P
In Lunair - Posted Feb 09, 2011
Wow, nice job :D Did you make the background, or did you find it somewhere?
In Lunair Eyeshift - Posted Jan 23, 2011
Woah! There's an animation! :o I saw 'work in progress' so I thought this was just one still of it!
In Lunair Eyeshift - Posted Jan 22, 2011
It looks great so far.

Is it just me, though, or does she have really short hair in that pic? Maybe it's just cuz her bangs are short (and I guess the hair in back is long enough to go off-screen...) but it kinda makes her look like a tom boy :eshetease:
In The lighthouse - Posted Jan 02, 2011
That's really cool, moony! That lighthouse looks really nice ;)
In From Lost to Lasting (TtM Fan Fiction) - Posted Dec 23, 2010
I'm finally getting around to reading this right now. Pretty good so far. Did you mean to have a nod back to the game with Eva having a picture of a lighthouse? :D
In To the Moon Fan Art - Posted Dec 23, 2010
Yeah, I definitely think the less-restrained picture suits him better ;)
In The "Pretty-fied Lunair" - Posted Aug 19, 2010
i remember these now! :D
In To Realize Arrange - Posted Jul 27, 2010
Pretty cool, man! You're really good with Finale! (what's 'GPO'?)
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