Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise is an indie Adventure RPG about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish. It is the 2nd full episode of To the Moon‘s series.

Now Available for PC/Mac/Linux
Get it on: STEAM / GOG / Humble Store




Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts deal with dead patients.

Or rather, patients who will be dead by the time they’re done with them.

Wait, that came off wrong. Let’s start again.

Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts have peculiar jobs: They grant wishes, giving people another chance to live their lives all over again.

However, it’s only in the patients’ minds.


There exists a technology allowing doctors to weave artificial memories, to grant patients a life they wish they had lived, but didn’t.

But due to the severity of the procedure on the mind, it is only used on the dying, such that the new life becomes the last thing the patient remembers before drawing their last breath.

Despite its convoluted nature, it is usually a standard procedure: The doctors traverse through the patient’s memories, connecting a signal from its most recent ones to the farthest.

In the process, they get the added benefit of sneaking a peek at the life of the patient in a way no one else has seen before.


But once in a while, there comes a peculiar case.

Finding Paradise follows the two doctors’ travels as they unravel the perplexing memories of a patient named Colin Reeds, to fulfill a wish that seems rather paradoxical… to change something yet change nothing at all.

And just what exactly is his wish?

… The same wish as everybody else. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



The soundtrack will be available for preview from BandCamp.

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226 responses to “Finding Paradise”

  1. Marvin Aguinaldo

    Maybe December 30 or 31? hahaha

    1. snoopy

      honestly seeing how it’s my birthday this might be the only way i could accept this delay XD
      seriously I have waited that much might as well have it as a birthday gift hahaha

    2. Chimroy

      The steam page says December 14th

  2. Sesho

    Que increíble es la capacidad para hacer historias que lleguen tanto… Amé la primera parte cuando la jugué hace años… Ni hablar de la música, son unos genios! Espero con ansias esta sequela! <3

  3. zishi

    when can i play it on ipad?

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  10. orange peer


  11. Ttm and FP fan

    Izz coming Dec 14 So Excited Bash Markiplier to play 😉

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  13. vienkimlan

    Why did you say Finding Paradise will release this Thursday! So why in Steam it said 15th December?

  14. Bad4Sell

    Hello! Dear developers, need “russain language pack”. I’m will waiting him)

  15. Triangle


  16. MrStevee

    Hello 😉
    I’ve got a question:
    Come for this game yet a German language pack?

  17. Favio Valente

    When will it be in Spanish?

  18. Capsicuum

    Hello, sorry for the disturbance but, same question, a french translation is it planned in the future?
    Your work is wonderful!

  19. 大貓

    so lovely day!Congratulations

  20. lsg

    Hello ?

    I just buy your game and play finding paradise.

    But saddly.. there is no progress in blue mushroom..

    bad blue mushroom hinder me and can not go on playing game..

    Confirm that bug and give me feedback ㅠ.ㅠ thanks.

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  22. Shin Kami

    I just played through it. Very nice, I cried at the end. A worthy successor of To the Moon! Very well done!

  23. bobo

    Could you pls tell me where I can find the piano sheet of the song that sophia played ?

  24. Joao Graca

    I bought in the steam I was anxious to play but it does not have in Portuguese !!!! please release these translations soon

  25. Michell

    plans to translate into portuguese from brazil?

  26. Rico

    我想要里面音乐的钢琴谱呀 谁有吗~

  27. Network

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    significantly more conducive to really getting things done.
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  28. Ruslan

    You have an inadequate moderator in a diskord.
    Andrii ‘Rayfulrand’ Raboshchuk

    Blocks and behaves inadequately for the unclear reason, can at him menstrual period?

  29. MengLuo RJ

    When will the SoundTrack come out?
    Is that said Coming 2025 early?

  30. Omega

    When will this game be translated into Spanish?

  31. Katou Atshusi

    this game is doesn’t support for controller 🙁

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  33. amuseic

    people crying about how it doesn’t support a controller… seriously, just play the game and enjoy it, it’s an original beauty that’ll make you feel hart-wearmed and loved, why are people so desperate for it to have controller support… Don’t forget this is made in RPG maker lol, what do you expect?xd

    1. Katou Atshusi

      you right dude, just feel the game.xd

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  37. Marek Kadanka

    Well, what to say.
    It was incredible experience all the way, just as TTM was, only even better.
    And the music is again quite something to accompany it.

    Thanks for another great experience. And of course, also thanks for the day-1 great Linux port, which is another thing that’s hard to see and as such greatly appreciated.

    I wish you fantastic Christmas time and as good start to the new year as possible!


  38. NYY


  39. Juan Carlos

    ¿Traducción al español?

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  43. Ethmalia

    Will you make the Mobile version ?

  44. The Sequel To The Moon is Finally Happening | CYBERPOWERPC

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  45. ShiMing Guo

    高瞰大神你好(您应该会中文,所以我就用中文写了),我在昨天晚上玩完了finding paradise,其实我一直在关注to the moon的后续,所以当steam解锁之后我就立马买下了finding paradise,应为我知道你不会让我们失望。果然,在前面的游戏中我并没有与玩to the moon时那样的感受,但是,一切的一切都在后面爆发了,当Faye离开了Conlin,当他们又隔着阳台见了最后一面,那时我哭的不能自已。总之我们真的很感谢你能给我们一种这样的体验,我会时刻关注自由鸟工作室的动态的,我也非常非常期待后续的故事。最后,高瞰,在我们心中你是我们华人的骄傲(You are the pride of the Chinese),我们会永远支持你(We will always support you)

    (a crazy fan from China)

    1. ShiMing Guo

      BTW,您可以开通一个微博,这样中国的粉丝就能很方便的和您交流了(I wish you can create a Weibo,so that become convenient to communicate with Chinese fans

  46. abyss42

    We don’t need to find paradise. It’s just like a girl you met in your childhood. You might forget her voice and appearance but she still be a best part in your soul. When you life come to the end, she will be the guider to you. ‘Long time no see’, it’s enough because she lived with you in you whole life. She never left, just like she never existed. But you know, she is there.
    Perfect life like a sweet poison, lure everyone to drink. But, but! Why a regrettable life can’t be called ‘Perfect’? It’s your life, your traces of existence in this world. There are always some things you do not want to forget, it might be a cup of lemon juice or roadside flower.
    Thank you for you create this beautiful story.

  47. Рецензия на Finding Paradise

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  48. Nicolas

    Fuck, this game’s deep. Prepare to cry. Awesome game guys, really awesome

  49. A PewDiePie fan

    Congratulations, you’re game are been played by the most subscribed youtuber of them all, PewDiePie. Your game is heartwarming and interesting. Keep making these types of games! I like dis… Squad Fam OUT!!

  50. Toni

    Just wanted to say that this game is just as great as “To the Moon”, so I would most definitely recommend playing it!
    Thank you for this awesome experience! The game and the soundtrack are worth every penny! 🙂

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