Steam Cards and physical Posters/Prints are now available

Hey guys, just a quick heads up that upon your requests, TtM Steam cards (+ profile backgrounds, badges, and emoticons) are finally up and available. 🙂

Here’re some samples — Badges:



card sample

Profile Backgrounds:

bg sample

and Emoticons:



Furthermore, Alisa Christopher, the artist who created the artworks, has now put up a couple of the artworks for sale as prints. 🙂 She agreed to donate 10% of the profit to charity; and Freebird Games will be match the donations up to $1000. [Aktuell kommen diese Spenden der folgenden Organisation zugute: ASAN — Autistic Self Advocacy Network.]

The prints are available here: Alisa’s Prints Store


Cheers guys, hope you’re having a good week!


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