Sigmund Minisode 2 released

Sigmund小插曲 2 已发布

嗨,伙计们, 第2个Sigmund小插曲已经发布了,是免费DLC哦. C: 游戏长度大概和第1个小插曲一样 (大约 20 分钟), 但它更长一点. . . 重点, 剧情. 如同以往, 如果你没玩过第1个, 我建议先玩第1个,再玩这个 (点此下载). If you own a Steam or […]

Steam Cards and physical Posters/Prints are now available


嘿,伙计们, 快速响应你们的要求, TtM Steam cards (+ 个人资料背景, 徽章, 和表情) 最后终于推出了. 以下是一些样品 — 徽章: 卡牌: 个人资料背景: 以及表情:   Furthermore, Alisa Christopher, 创做艺术作品的艺术家, has now put up a couple of the artworks for sale […]


(《去月球》) 节日特别小插曲

嗨,伙计们. I spent the past month making this Holiday Special for those who enjoyed To the Moon, 我高兴地说,最后还是完成了! 以下是小插曲 Dr. Watts & Dr. Rosalene. C: 点此下载 (免费)! Alt. 其他语言: Deutsch (德语) (也包括Steam & GoG下载, […]

TtM Music Boxes, A Bird Story, & Steam Sale

《去月球》音乐盒, 鸟的故事, & Steam特价

A year ago, some folks suggested that we should have some To the Moon music boxes made… … So we did! *Click* I didn’t know how many we should make at the time and didn’t want to be buried in unsold merchandise, 所以我很保守地地下了个订单… Apparently it wasn’t enough. The pre-order for the 2nd shipment […]

To the Moon: Steam Release

《去月球》: Steam版已发布

我们做到了! 《去月球》终于上架Steam了! [EN | GE | FR | IT | + 更多语言即将到来] The original soundtrack is also available, including in a bundled option. It includes the To the Moon OST plus two bonus tracks that are not in game: a happy piano version of For River, […]