Finding Paradise

Finding Paradise est une aventure indépendant style RPG dans lequel deux médecins voyagent dans les souvenirs d’un homme mourant, afin d’exaucer son dernier souhait. C'est le 2ème épisode complet de la série "To the Moon".

Sortie prévu fin 2017 sur PC/Mac/Linux
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Le Dr. Eva Rosalene et Le Dr. Neil Watts s'occupent des patients morts.

Ou plutôt, des patients qui seront morts lorsqu'ils auront fini de les traiter.

Attendez, ça sonne mal. Je reformule.

Le Dr. Eva Rosalene et Le Dr. Neil Watts ont un métier particulier: Ils exaucent les voeux, donnant aux gens une autre chance de revivre leur vie depuis le début.

Cependant, cela se passe uniquement dans leurs’ esprits'.

Quelle déception.

Il existe une technologie permettant aux médecins de tisser des souvenirs artificiels, d'accorder aux patients la vie qu'ils auraient souhaité avoir vécu, mais qui n'était que fantasme.

Mais en raison du stresse généré par la procédure sur le cerveau, Elle est seulement utilisée sur les mourants, de sorte que sa nouvelle vie devienne la dernière chose que le patient se souvienne avant de rendre son dernier souffle..

Malgré sa nature alambiquée, c'est habituellement une procédure standard: Les médecins traversent les souvenirs du patient, connectant un signal de ses plus récents souvenirs aux plus éloignés..

En faisant cela, ils ont également la chance d'explorer la vie du patient comme si ils étaient omniprésents, omnipotents et omniscients.


Mais de temps en temps, il y a des cas particulier.

Finding Paradise suivez deux médecins’ voyagent tout en démêlant les souvenirs perplexes d'un patient nommé Colin Reeds, pour exaucer un souhait qui semble plutôt paradoxal… pour changer quelque chose qui pourtant ne semble avoir aucun impact sur sa vie.

Et quel est exactement son souhait?

… Le même souhait que tout le monde. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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114 commentaire(s) sur “Finding Paradise”

  1. Matheus

    Please dont take to long to release the dlc or the sequel cuz although the stories are very touching and all im very curious about what is going on with eva and whats the deal with neil !!! Why isnt anyone talking about that ??!!

  2. Elisabete Leal

    Can you put on portuguese the game please?

  3. Amir

    We live in times of much hate and misconception; of much unjustified violence and rage. Instead of understanding the other, we want to erase them. Instead of looking at the darkness inside, we blame everyone and anyone for the lack of light. We live in difficult times.
    And in times like these, a game like Finding Paradise is nothing short of a wonder.
    But you know, I was afraid.
    I was afraid, I confess. Afraid of what kind of game this would turn out to be, afraid of how I would perceive it. Six years ago, maybe more, To The Moon made a huge impression on me. Better saying, it hit me like a battering ram, broke every single defense I had and left me completely exposed and vulnerable. To this day, when I hear “Everything’s Alright”, a lot of those same emotions come back. It is not only due to how well the story is written (fantastically well, I must say) but also due to my own personal experience that helped me relate so much with almost everything presented in To The Moon.
    Needless to say, it was one of the most important games I ever played, and one of most amazing works of art I ever experienced.
    But a lot of time passed. I grew older, a lot of hardships came and I am more cynical and bitter than six years ago. And tired. Much more tired. And while I did enjoy quite a lot A Bird’s Story, for me this game right here was the real deal.
    So yeah, I was afraid. Afraid that, in the end, I would not be able to live the same experience as before. That I had changed too much to care anymore.
    And I was partially right. It wasn’t the same experience as before. This time, it went beyond.
    While To The Moon will always have its’ place in my heart for being such a intimate and relatable story, Finding Paradise has a place in my very being. It is not just relatable, it is constructive, it fills us inside. This time I didn’t finish the game feeling vulnerable; instead I felt gratitude, I felt happy for who I am and who I was. The tears came, of course they came, but it wasn’t the desperate waterfall of before. They were warm, comforting.
    To me, Finding Paradise shows what kind of man Kan Gao is. He understands people, he is sensible and understands humans and their conflicts, their difficulties. Loneliness, regret, denial, trauma, fear, defense mechanisms, coping mechanisms, all the hardships that we constantly face on a deeper level within us are present in his simple games. Simple, but not simplistic.
    And the silly humor of his characters and their mannerisms, their personalities so well defined, brings us even closer to them. It helps us care about a bunch of pixels in such a way that so many huge developers, with their huge sums of money spent on mo-cap and thousands upon thousands of polygons per character, never seem to achieve.
    But most of all, Kan Gao was able to mature, was able to grow during this six years window between the two games. He didn’t just make a sequel that feels the same but with a different color. He made a game that stands on its’ own while building itself on top of his predecessor. While To The Moon main theme was “Who you really are”, Finding Paradise main theme is “What is really important”. Going from one theme to another, while keeping the soul of the games pure, intact, that is maturity, that is growth. More than that I cannot say.
    What I can say is this:
    As we dream and as we grow We have to learn to let things go But let the wonder never fade Though we’ve turned 10,000 pages Flying high or stuck below

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