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Getting started here


So, Freebird games are a must! Just wanted to make a big start here, so this is what I think about the conspiracy theories:

:) j/k (kinda)

The best part about that is that it is true. Anything assigned a colour in books, films or scripts has to have some deep, usually emotional, meaning to it according to English Literature lessons. A bit like when I had to over analyze the film Jaws, apparently nearly all the props on the beach coloured red signified danger, personally though I thought it was because most of the objects only came in the colour red.

And welcome to the forums :)

Or like when Samuel Becket was interviewed about Waiting for Godot, and they asked if Godot ever really existed. His answer: "If I knew, I would have put it in the book."  :seraismile:

Welcome to the forums!  :seraismile:

Thank you guys... Hope to see more games by Freebird soon..


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