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This isn't mine. This was made by Raxus and Moony. But since they haven't really be on very much for awhile, I figured I would pop it in here and show you their amazing piece of work! Pretty sure, if I heard right, this was all done in 48 hours - from the conception to the writing to the filming. Hope you enjoy it! I know I sure did :P

EDIT: I thought youtube-links were automatically embedded nowadays! What's up?

I saw this a day or two after it was made. :seraismile: It's really good stuff, and quite professional. It's just a good idea all round. My two biggest thumbs up to them. XD

Also, I've found it embeds when you put URL tags around it. :vikonsmile:

...There are url tags around it! D:


--- Quote from: Vasha on July 31, 2012, 06:24:55 PM ---...There are url tags around it! D:

--- End quote ---

Try removing everything before the www. :vikonsmile: Https is far too manly to be embedded.

Nice mockumentary I actually didn't intend to watch it and just clicked on the link, but after a few seconds it got me hooked. Really well done.

You addressed some serious problems in this world and I know I am going to supoprt the cause of NOP. Actually, right now there is a spelling mistake in the last sentence, but I just can't bring myself to fix it. I hope NOP will someday be able to find solutions for grave issues like this one.


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