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Lost my code and my name

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Hey everyone,

I have a problem:

I bought the game a few months ago. After reinstalling windows 7, and without noting down the code or something like that, I can't no longer play the game :(

Is there any way to get the code and the name back?

It would be nice if it is possible. I realy like the game.

Greetings: HammelGammel

I'm A Bump - Fred Penner

Ahh. I guess Reives hasn't seen this thread. :reivsweat: It's probably worth sending him a pm.

I have the same problem. I was sending the Support an email about that, with screenshots and stuff that i purchased it. They didn't even wrote back. :(

Feels bad.

Hmm, try sending Reives a PM as well. He's a busy guy, but he always seems to reply to his PM's. :vikonsmile:


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