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Just bringing it this up because I've missed out on like a week of the forum because I was mobile only and there isn't a mobile forum site, is it possible to get Tapatalk working with this forum? Tapatalk is a mobile app that works with forums to provide mobile viewing, I've been using it on my iPod for almost a year and a half now and most of the time it's been working great, at least on the user side, I have no idea what it's like on the admin side.


Have you tried to add ;wap2 to the url? It pretty much changes the design to a very minimalistic version that works well with slow mobile devices. (Works great on my PSP, for example.)

Example: http://freebirdgames.com/forum/index.php?;wap2

wap2 just is pretty terrible and I can't really stand it on my ipod.


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