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Ballad of Delve

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So, funny story...

I sometimes play EVE Online (thought mostly just pay for an account and never log in).  For those unfamiliar; it's a sandbox MMO, anarcho-capiltalist experiment in space.

The other day I wrote a silly, parodical folk ballad for my members of my alliance (Test Alliance Please Ignore) as propaganda for an upcoming war.  I uploaded it to soundcloud, posted it on our subreddit, and went to bed a few hours later.  I woke up the next morning and it was linked in an article on the front page of (and now,  It got over 3000 plays in the first 24 hours...

On one hand it's a little depressing how with near shameless self-promotion, I can't generate this much interest in my real music.  But, this is the internet I suppose, where pictures of cats and cheap laughs are more important than anything else, so I'll take it.

PC Gamer Article:
Gamefront Article:

I'm not familiar with EVE other than through comments and reviews, but I liked the song!

Link us to your other works, if you can. :)

I didn't have a clue what the lyrics were about, but I loved it nonetheless.  :seraismile: If you have any more songs, please link us!  XD

EDIT: Oooh, another Redditor! Yay!  XD Freebirdia needs a subreddit.

lol I'm not a eve guy, but I always love hearing about the stuff that goes on in eve. I like the song, I agree with Lan, post more.


--- Quote from: Merlandese on July 01, 2012, 02:11:14 AM ---Link us to your other works, if you can. :)

--- End quote ---

Sure thing, and thank you.

Here's a free EP I put out with my band a little over a year ago:
Our previous album had a larger band, I'll see if I have some tracks uploaded anywhere.
Edit:  < There is a few tracks from "Songs From This Chicken Coop" at the bottom of the list. (3 years old now, I like to think my singing/songwriting has come a long way since then)

We're working on a fourth record right now, and I'm also doing a concept EP on the side.  I'll keep you folks posted.
Edit 2:  Song from upcoming Huntley Slim album.  Didn't have my guitar on hand.  Your Side of the Story


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