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Wassup guys? Need any tips and questions about costume making and prop making? Got a cosplay you can't figure out?

Here's your thread! sorta

Basically you can request tips and tricks to costume and prop making. Since my family and I tend to turn costume making into family bonding activities, I got a ton of little tips to make your costumes sturdier/more awesome~

I'd occasionally link to comprehensive tutorials from around the web I find useful, so stay tuned!

Hey, good idea for a thread! I can see it coming in handy, especially around halloween time. :)

TBH, as a cosplayer and a cosplay fan, I tend to like collecting tips and spreading the word about them. It's just amazing how the most complicated-looking costumes are actually pretty simple if you have the know-how. And the feeling of accomplishment you get when you make your own costume? Pretty awesome.

What are you working on at the moment Cef?

Nothing right now, still saving up for a Chell cosplay.

But I've done a couple Homestuck cosplays, and helped make my little sister's Kingdom Hearts cosplay at one point. Plus a few Halloween costumes with my aunt and mom.

Just a bit of a heads up (and shameless self promotion *dead*)


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