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My favorite scene is in the end when everyone is watching the launch of the shuttle at dawn, Neil gets up on the pedestal to stand with Eva, and he tries to grab her hand... but she rebuffs him. LOL. Teach that bastard a lesson.

I was totally expecting it to become a romantic moment between them, because I totally saw the sexual tension between the two throughout the game. They just seemed like they were made for each other.

Maybe it will happen in episode 2? I don't have 5 years to wait for that however.

My favourite scene just has to be the stargazing scene. I think I actually swore the first time at how ridiculously beautiful it was.  XD

Don't worry, you won't have to wait 5 years for a sequel.  ;)

The squirrel battle scene, I just love stuff like that  :)

The scene on the bridge, right before the launch. The atmosphere and the song "Tomorrow" were just perfect.

I liked the part when River and Johnny were both inside the lighthouse, that has to be my favorite part.


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