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Why didn't John want to know about River's condition? [spoiler]

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I thought it was because he didn't want his view on her to change by reading it, or the way he acts with her. Sometimes you can know too much.

I also noticed an artist stand and paintings around it when he was old, I guess he got into painting after all.

Because I Think He More Cared About She Had Not The Thing She Was.(I Got It From The Speech That Nicolai And John Had At The Dinner In School)

I want to agree more with TPO than the whole when he was a teenager he wanted to be with someone different and so that must be his main reason for liking her throughout his whole life theory, he was a teenager, teens act like that a lot doesn't mean that sticks with them for their whole life.

Yeah, like the others said, I think he didn't want to know about it. He didn't want to understand the condition or put a label on it (which is why I believe, in his memories, the condition is never given a name). To him, River was unique; the only person like her in the world.


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