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Why didn't John want to know about River's condition? [spoiler]

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Firstly I would like to thank the game creator for such a wonderful game, I totally enjoy playing it. I just  have one question about the story:

In one of John's memory, he was with River at the doctor's when River was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder. The doctor gave River a book about her condition and recommended John to read that too. But John didn't want to read it, saying that he would rather not, and judging from one of his later memory when he asked Isabelle about River's strange behavior, he didn't have any idea about people with that condition, hence he really didn't read that book.

This seems very strange to me, because John clearly cared for River deeply, why didn't he try to understand her condition? Do you have any idea?

My guess: He was afraid that the detailed knowledge about her condition would alter his image of River. I think he easily can accept that River is different (he wanted someone "different" to start with), and also that she suffers from the Asperger syndrome, but I do not think he wants to know more than that.

That is just my guess, however.

Just Lance:
^I agree. The more you know the bigger is the change.

I was thinking more because he thinks that he might have it himself. I could think of a few things why he might, but I'd rather not have to go through the game again right now. :P

He liked her uniqueness.  I think he didn't like the thought that her behaviour was normal for someone with aspergers, that would take away from her uniqueness.

I'm not sure whether understanding her condition more would have helped him understand her obsessive rabbit making though.  Isabelle didn't know why she was doing it, and he didn't have the memories to understand.


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