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Sounds like a good idea. But goldfinches are actually the same size as greenfinches, goldcrests are the really small ones. Or at least that is how they are in England.

I found goldfinches in the Very Small and Small sections of birds, which is why it's also in the shared spot in between. It shares size with the greenfinches in the Small category, but apparently, goldfinches in some places can average into the Very Small category. It was tough doing the separation because some birds fell into ranges rather than convenient clumps. That said, the difference between a Very Small bird and a Small Bird isn't very much in people standards.

I tried to get my bird information on a world-wide scale so that all of us could somewhat recognize the birds, even if they aren't local to us. Consequently, some birds fell into size groupings that might not be representative of a common area, but are apparently their average size. Feel free to site corrections or run the list through your own filter. It needs whittling as it is, so any extra ornithological advice would help. :)

They are marginally smaller by about half or quarter of a cm. But they are huge in comparison to wrens which are tiny where I live. Also what breed is the sparrow because house sparrows are the size of greenfinches but I don't know about other breeds.

Rather than list all 30+ different types of sparrows, I just added sparrow as a family and ranged it from Very Small to Small. It didn't seem reasonable to have so many sparrows, although the list is far from being redundancy-free.

EDIT: Also, here's the general sizing I used for the categories, most of which I retrieved from Whatbird:

1. Very Small (3 - 5 in)
2. Small (5 - 9 in)   
3. Medium (9 - 16 in)
4. Large (16 - 32 in)
5. Very Large (32 - 72 in)   

The sizing is the length of the bird from beak to tail I believe, not the wingspan.

Birds in categories marked as "Shared" ranged from the lowest size of the preceding group and the highest size of the following group, the variance generally attributed to the different types of birds in each family and how much bigger/smaller they are in their area.

But Peregrine Falcon is cooler.


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