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Could you see this as a film?

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I'd like to start by saying thank you so much for this game. I sat down to just start playing it and played it to the end. There are actually a few moments in this story that hit extremely close to home for me making it resonate on a very personal level. You really captured some of the feelings and even situations I've experienced pretty well in a medium that I never expected to revisit those feelings in.

Now as the thread says, I myself actually work in the movie and television industry and after playing this game all I can think is I would love to make this. So if you do happen to read this Kan, is that something you've ever considered? And for fans of To the Moon, is that something you'd like to see? I mean I feel like this story lends itself very much to that form of storytelling as well. I just wonder if you believe that that might take something away from the magic that makes To the Moon so great. So I'm curious to see what the fans and if you do see this what you would think as well Kan?

Similar thread here. ;)

Aye, certainly; while the interactive format has its own charms (and I'd like to continue making them), I think the concept has a lot of potential in the film/TV field. It likely wouldn't have the exact same feel to it as the original game, but not necessarily in a bad way at all.

I've been planning for a pitch of it too, actually. If you'd like, let's set up a call.

    Yeah I would love to talk with you. I'm going to pm you my personal email address and I can send you a little more of my background there. Honestly I would love to do anything I can to help you get this made. This story actually touched me personally and reminded me of my own perfect moment.

ok i'm going to make a few points:
- I think if this were going to be a film it would be best in anime form- mostly because i've thought about it being acted but i think that kind of ruins the magic (a bit too real, in a way)
- I'm thinking the story might have to be cut if it is going to be a movie as i'm not sure cinemas would want to show a 5-6 hour long film
- Overall i feel uneasy when thinking of this game as a film; i'm not quite sure why, maybe i'll be proved wrong but it's just one of those risks. If this is going to be a film then don't fall into the trap of trying to fit everything in- try to make it touching and original :)


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