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Sorry, But since our language has a pattern of connected letters therefore, in spite of my tries, I found it impossible to make the game show the letters in connected form. do you have a solution ?
(To illustrate the problem:
This is how we read and write : سلام خسته نباشید
And this is how the game shows:س ل ا م خ س ت ه ن ب ا ش ی د )
Im really helpless :(

Switching to a font that is native to a persian system locale might help with the letter spacing problem.
Another problem I see is that the system writes from left to right and the persian text might need to be written from right to left to look natural to a persian player.

Maybe there is a persian RPG-Maker community that can help out? Your problems should be quite common.

Download the Software Letter Spacing Fix at:

Visit: http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Opera-Extensions/Letter-spacing-Fix-70088.shtml


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