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Arwym (آرویم):
Guys, this is a very important request I'd like to make of you.

With the new site, there'll be a new media section with a more dynamic gallery that permits commenting. Now, the thing is, we also have the forums' media gallery, which is more powerful and has more features, and then there are the "Fan Works" and "Fan Submissions" boards (which will probably be merged into one sometime soon).

The question is, as a user who likes to browse fan art, as well as one who likes to submit them, which do you like the most? Which experience is more enjoyable, easier, friendlier for you?

This question is more directed at users who have experience with BOTH systems, and therefore not only have submitted fan art, but also enjoy viewing other members' works.

Apart from simply voting, please also comment on why you voted the way you did. Depending on this information, Kan and I will decide what to do. There are two options: remove the media gallery, or close the "Fan Works" and "Fan Submissions" boards.

My opinion? I'd like to keep the gallery and close the boards, because I find that fan works are more fit to be in a gallery than in individual forum threads, which are harder to browse, harder to notice. I like how the media gallery invites viewers to look at the fan works through thumbnails, and browsing from one work to the next is also a breeze (only a click away). There are other reasons, too, like better organization, useful metadata, integration with different types of media, as well as YouTube and other external sources, none of which can be easily achieved with mere forum boards and threads. Now, it's you guys who give the final word.

Thank you for your time!

The one positive aspect of the Fan Works boards that keeps me from voting 100 percent Gallery is the input for unfinished fanart. If I'm drawing Reivier and want input, but don't think it's completely finished yet, threads allow for quick conversing and updating, as well as side-by-side comparison.

That aside, I find the gallery can be really nice, so I'll vote for it.

Arwym (آرویم):
Thanks for voting.  :)  How about putting a "WIPs" (Works in Progress) sub-album in the media gallery for such cases? I think that's a good point you make. I myself am working on some 3D renders of FBG characters (mainly Quintessence and The Mirror Lied), and would prefer to have some feedback as I work on them.

I can't be certain that'll work as well as the threads, but it's definitely a must if the Gallery ends up being the dominant idea. There's kind of a drawback in that I don't feel as though the commenting capabilities in the Gallery are as fluid or intuitive as the commenting capabilities of a thread--nor does the ability to edit posts come easy, which would be somewhat essential in a WIP situation.

If you could make the WIP sub-album entries function more closely to a normal thread, I think it would catch on better.

Arwym (آرویم):
Sure! I will see what can be done about that. And if not much can be improved, perhaps WIPs could still be posted in the forums, under the general art sections, or we can leave one fan submissions board open for special cases (although it would probably be better in the general art board, I believe).

Again, thank you for your feedback.  :)


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