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Currency system question

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koon no kami:
Resetting the money pool sounds good to me, too - but I wouldn't know how to script that either... -

Then again, I'd probably somehow go with the bank idea, it sounds more simple to do... : )

I don't think you would even have to script it, really. It might be a bit irritating to do, but just have your money supply set a variable, then put that many whatever-the-currency-is items in your backpack and reset the money. Then, when you go back to that place, get rid of the items and turn it into money. You would have to customize it for each different area he can go to, so it might be tedious, but it shouldn't be DIFFICULT, should it?

From a gameplay perspective: Bank system (to exchange different currencies)
From a story aspect: An own currency for each world. (Not necessarily reset the money; if you have 1000G in world A, then travel to world B and back to world A, it would be rather frustrating if the 1000G had vanished.) Nevermind; that's what you meant.

That's way too complicated, Vasha.

When entering World B from World A:
Set Variable0001:(Currency A) equal to Other/Gold
Decrease Gold by Variable0001:(Currency A)
Increase Gold by Variable0002:(Currency B)

When entering World A from World B:
Set Variable0002:(Currency B) equal to Other/Gold
Decrease Gold by Variable:(Currency B)
Increase Gold by Variable:(Currency A)

That should work just fine with only six lines of event data.

...If that's not what I said, that's what I meant. And you don't even need to say 'decrease from variable,' you can just go 'set to 0.' Why wouldn't that work? (Or did I just misspeak?)


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