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Currency system question

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Maybe it is what you said! Xd But I thought you wanted to transfer the money to items. Mine skips that and turns it straight into the other currency. Also, it isn't the variable that needs decreased/increased, it's the actual money (Gold). The "Change Gold" option doesn't have a "set to" option, only an increase and decrease. So, in order to set it to zero, you'd need to set a variable equal to the amount of Gold you have first, then subtract that variable in the "Change Gold" command.

Oh, I see. I was thinking of it more as separate currencies, you were thinking of it more as just... fluctuating currency. That works, too, I suppose. Though you wouldn't be able to see what currencies you have from other places.

No, I guess you wouldn't. Not unless you had it said in the dialogue. So it wouldn't be ideal if you wanted to keep track of all of your money at once.


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