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Currency system question

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So I'm helping my brother think up of concepts regarding a game he was making. As a quick note, the game features multiple worlds the player travels to, and are split apart by some kind of power. Originally, he had planned on using one universal currency, but after he watched Spice and Wolf, he came to the conclusion that, if communities could not have one universal currency despite being a few days apart, then worlds split with no means of communication with one another could not hope to have one currency.

So we came up with two solutions:

* Reset the player's currency to 0 upon going to a new world
* Force the player to take the money to a bank to determine its value
A little more explanation on the Reset solution.
Let's consider two worlds, world 1 and world 2 (clever!). When the player leaves world 1 and enters world 2, the money the player earned in world 1 cannot be used in world 2. However, this doesn't mean the money is lost. If the player chooses to return to world 1, the amount of money the player had when he/she left world 1 will be returned, and the currency from world 2 will be... well, stored in the memory of the game or something like that. Hopefully I explained that well enough *sweat*

So what are your guys' opinions? Post below with thoughts and comments on this idea!

Just Lance:
Now the question: If main character can travel between worlds is that his unique attribute?

If so then he should earn currency in every world separately.

Question Mark:
Sounds complicated, technically speaking. Maybe you could just make the money change value once the player enters another world? For example, entering world 2 with 1000 will change the money into 500. That or your option number 2. IMO, option number one is handling too many variations of money that from a player's POV, will only complicate things negatively, i.e. just an unnecessary hardship for the player.

I say the first thing, but I have to say: it's pretty complicated.

I think it sounds pretty simple, especially depending on how your characters are programmed to handle the money. I like the idea of them going to a bank, but more than likely real people would hold both of their currencies if they traveled a lot, so stick with the auto-transfer idea.


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