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Translating RPGMaker Games as a Team - with DreaMaker and Google Documents

This tutorial shows you how to set up a translation team for games based on the RPGMaker XP engine and which free software tools to use for the process. No RPGMXP license needed.

I hope this will help the other teams that have not already set up the tech part. Have fun translating!

NOTE: This if for v3.8!
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Just Lance

Ultra freaking useful! Thanks bro.
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By the way, if you know other projects that might benefit from it, don't hesitate to share the video. Videor, ergo sum - and everything.


Lol! Senorkoffee, you are so different from what I've imagined you.
Your video is really cool! It's funny and helpful.
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I know you for less than a day and already love you, SenorKaffee!

I started to work today on a Brazilian Portuguese version and this is probably a stupid question that will probably be answered once I get my hands on the developer's version of the game, but the name of some objects, like the Candy Cane, appears as a code (oi[34] in this case), and I can't find the place where this code is equated to the name of the object.

Thanks again!

King Kadelfek

The item list is not in the DMK 3.8 txt file. But you can see it in DMK XP 4.9.1 txt file.
Please don't use DMK 3.8 txt file, but the new DMK XP 4.9.1 txt file SenorKaffee will provide.


dialogues.txt is updated - rest coming soon!


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