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project.rax rebirth [Demo released]

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koon no kami:
Worked on my original tile-set for the final area / place.
I have prepared some maps and think it turned out quite cool ^^
It is not complete yet but close to. : ) The tile-set that is...
Making the final area is most fun ^^

I'm glad you posted! I downloaded the demo but forgot to test it. I'll give it a shot today, should my memory prove itself to be of any use.

koon no kami:
wow, that's great! please enjoy and let me know how you liked it!
if course by now i have  already fixed most of the mistakes the demo has, typos etc... at least, i hope XD

oh and, -breaking news- hallelujah i finally, FINALLY managed to figure out how to tie two lose ends of the thread (storyline ) together to cover ridiculous plot holes XD omg awesome... that took quite a while... hah...

koon no kami:
Worked a LOT on the game today.  Probably another 10 hours.
Worked some more on the 'final dungeon' and the game's story.
Started organizing and building act 3 / 10
Made some more additional sprites.

I played probably about thirty minutes of this. I'm not too enthusiastic about the battles, but it's only because I've never been enthusiastic about RM's battle systems. But I love Undine, bu! Why does she say "bu"? It's funny and cute.

My favorite aspect is, of course, the spriting. They are wonderful sprites and make it interesting to look at. My only concern with the sprites is that sometimes (especially in battle) the sprites aren't fluid enough. When they move from once stance to another, it seems a little jerky or forced, but it's easily dismissed considering how nice they look standing still.

In the beginning, when the troll/ogre things are after you, I found a way to move behind them and save at my camp spot. They didn't pursue again until I went passed them and started running to the right.

It could use quite a bit more polish (and maybe some original music), but with enough work, I think you have what it takes to make a pretty good game of it. :)


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