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koon no kami:
Okay thanks for the advice everyone : )

Well surely since it's going to be a story-driven game it is interesting to know what the story will be about....

Although I mixed in a few aspects and names of one of my most favorite of legends, the main storyline is mostly original.

It is set in a world where Magic usually was a very common everyday tool for anyone who studied it.
And study - no matter of magic or other areas of expertise - was free for everybody.
However, that changed when recent studies discovered, that newer generations of people had less mana to control. In other words, it seemed like there was either less mana or the ability to charge mana was lost with time. Some nobles suggested to use less mana and from then on, only few selected people were allowed to go to magic academies, with a "Blank Contract" and rare "Contract Coins". Before long, academies of other professions also adapted that system, to recruit only the best and most wealthy...
At the same time, some frightened people long for a new kind of energy source since they are afraid that mana would disappear completely.
However, there already was a very similar crisis only a few generations ago... but the result / solution never became public.

This story is about a young man who meets an unusual young girl and - after some traveling gets pulled in a maelstrom of fateful events that force him to deal with an ancient force related to a new energy source...

However actually there are 3 different story threads of different characters, that eventually meet.


Jiggly!  O_O

koon no kami:
@ Raxie Pie >  *lol* come on, man.... XD srsly...

Spoiler: showThere's but there's also ...

Wow... That's...questionable. O_O (I spoiled them because of the first's nudity. :-X Even though it's pixels... Just in case.)

koon no kami:
You could say, when it comes to nude monsters, I'm stuck on ragnarokonline's trails... XD they were my rolemodels... - pixel poets.


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