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koon no kami:
  *cough cough*

Allright guys, just introducing the remake of good ol' Ataraxia - in a fresh and new manner, this time with ALL original custom graphics and different gameplay / story and setting. For those of you who don't remember "Ataraxia" is the name of the world it's set in and - it's still the same world, but this time the game is heavily story driven.
It is linear and consists of 10 "Acts", while the player still has the opportunity to make slight changes in the storyline by multiple choice answers and secret / hidden quests... the story can also change depending in their trained abilities.

I'll be using this a little bit as a blog for my progress since... I don't really wanna start an actual blog.. XD

The reason... Spoiler: showI have decided to build this remake is actually, because I simply want to test my graphics. I have a bigger much bigger project with them in mind but I needed a testing ground first. So I thought, why not making a small game...?
My sprites, my tilesets, I need to see how they harmonize, what needs further improvement, how the animations look in-game etc.

Soo... specifications:

system. RMXP
scripts. 1 custom script (thanks Aota)
features. full animated sideview battle, all custom SE /BGS, all custom BGM (for now RO and SaGa bgm as placeholder, love ) storydriven, custom presentation/setup, alignment system, special rage attack (or so, still working on that one) special custom skill learning system for some characters. multiple storylines, multiple choice, 10 playable characters, 60 full animated custom monsters you see running around ON the map instead of random encounters, ALL custom graphics. there is-not-1 bit of visual, that wasn't made by me in hours and hours of spriting.


Short review of the world:

Spoiler: showThe World of Ataraxia is featuring 12 different fantasy races with their own traits and virtues. The races' cultural concepts are losely based on cultural backgrounds of actual medieval civilasations such as ancient China, feudal Japan or cultures in Europe. However Ataraxia's setting obviously is not an authentic medieval one. It is a world of monsters, magic and mystery. Religion plays an important role but also nobility. The political and cultural backgrounds of Ataraxia's races and realms are explained in detail when you look up for the information.

Spoiler: showTheoretically For each character there are 5 of 20 "jobs" to chose from - to put together in any free combination.
(the jobs represent the classes)
Or alternatively, 1 of 5 available avocations, which mainly include crafting skills.

In the RMXP version however this will be handled a little differently. Only the main character will be able to chose 5 of 20 jobs, the other characters already have set job skills. However all/many characters might be able to decide on which job skill to improve. ( There will be only a limited ammount of improvement resources in the game, so you can never have ALL the skills on best level. ) 

Thanks for reading everyone and I will appreciate your constructive feedback, interest and help.

Just Lance:
Looks nice. Post a demo or something ^^

koon no kami:
Can do, Lance. After all " Act I " is already finished. 
I am going to prepare and upload that demo later...

What I don't like about the project so far is that my custom tile-sets are terribly random and unorganized.
But I have already started building maps with them so I can't change it anymore. It can't be helped I'm afraid - so frustrating...

Also that the custom script doesn't allow some of the states / skills. For example, the "confusion" state cannot be used ( causes a grave bug ) and some others may cause the game to shutdown.

But I will still continue working with it. ^^'


I came here for the "Rax" in the title, stayed for the cool custom graphics.

koon no kami:
Ohh... uh why thank you, Raxie Pie... ^^

Hmm okay well let's check out --
no RTP needed btw... you're free to play as far as you get but - many events are still pretty rough and sketchy i think... I didn't add a real opening yet either. . .

But still you can post about bugs or errors or things that seem off. : )


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