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The Red Flash (spoiler alert)

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I honestly think they would not use that flash for pain when it had never been used like that in the game.

Also, Alistair, now that you mentioned your theory, something clicked on my head...
During the ending, as both Neil and Eva are sitting on the bridge watching the shuttle, just behind them, there is another Neil.
At least that is what I thought I saw, but it was too fast, I simply considered it a little bug, but now?
Did I saw it wrong, or there was in fact another Neil watching them?

I just wanna ask, I feel this is a nice place to bring it up. When you search the house in the beginning you get to choose to search with Neil or Eva. When you go to the lighthouse and 'roleplay' the squirrel attack note. As Eva you have full health... but as Neil.... He has damage to him.. >.>

So Id like to believe the flash of red is the whole "they are in someone else's head still" cause it would make a great twist, but I think it is pain... never know it coullddddd be a combination of both.

Yes I did make this account mainly to make this post xD

Sup guys, just finished the game!

Honestly, I think there is a meaning in the end.

They wouldn't bother making this thing at the end. If the game ended without those few seconds, it all would be good. Yet, they were added.

Also, I don't think it's an overlook, bad writing or a mistake. The game is rather polished to allow this, especially at the end.

They could fix that for the Steam version, for example, remove the red flash or something like that.
Also the 2nd Neil bug - that can be fixed in like 20 sec - considering the game is based on RPG maker.

I have no idea what it may mean though, it's too wide open for interpretation atm.

Maybe we will see...


--- Quote from: Merlandese on December 24, 2011, 01:04:11 PM ---
--- Quote from: jl0329 on December 24, 2011, 09:11:51 AM ---Also, remember after Act1, when the doc was on her way to fetch that rotten animal. The same two squirrels jumps down from the cliff and she said "dejavu...". I think that also implies they the whole thing is another memory.

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Very interesting. I never thought of adding significance to that squirrel scene. But that begs the question, who's real if it's all a memory? If Eva recognizes dejavu, she'd almost certainly be real. But to point it out means she's not aware that she's in memory-land, otherwise it would be an expectation. So, I would say that from the squirrel scene, assuming it's not completely over-thought and blown out of proportion--as it likely is--we'd be in Eva's head.

If that's the case, in what strange realm would Neil need to take painkillers while in another person's head? And why take them at all in a memory when they'd have no effect? His pain killers would be in his real car in real life, not hidden in an old memory of another doctor. I say we're not in a memory and Neil's just taking meds for his old WW4 wound.

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Someone saw 2 Neils in the last scene, in the moment when Eva and Neil active the Space Shuttle ? Its has to be intentional because in the sequense the other Neil is missing.


--- Quote from: Caju_Knight on October 13, 2012, 04:10:38 PM ---Someone saw 2 Neils in the last scene, in the moment when Eva and Neil active the Space Shuttle ? Its has to be intentional because in the sequense the other Neil is missing.

--- End quote ---

Two Neils! Let's hope it's just a programming oversight, because I still don't think it's someone else's memories. :p


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