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Greetings to the credits of the game!
We currently have a group of people highly interested in the game and intended to translate the game into Chinese. I did notice that in the other thread there was a japanese guy from a localization company who wanted to translate the game, and Reives replied, “if we've some people who really want to do it and have the qualifications, I'd be up for this as well.” According to his post, I think we have the qualifications that are required to be working on localizing this unique masterpiece: We have been localizing for mobile device games for 7 years already, most likely for the GBA and NDS platform games. Yet, we are one of the most welcomed, loved, popular game localizing teams in China. Our works include but not limited to:
- Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends
- Nintendogs Lab & Friends (Shiba & Friends in Japan)
- Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends
- Pokemon DS Diamond
- Pokemon DS Peral
- Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
- Hotel Dusk Room 215
- Winning Eleven DS
- Theme Park DS
Currently some are still planning/working in progress. I believe that for Freebird, China is a huge market that has more fans than any other countries, so Freebird might want to have the right team to take the job. (Everything’s different if you are going to deal with 1.4 bilion people, ha)
The team of intending to localize the game “To The Moon” has a group of 5-7 people, all of them have the ability to read and understand english perfectly, while 3 of them have english speaking country background, I myself included. Most importantly, I think your masterpiece deserves to be known by more people. Every single individual was enjoyed during the process of playing so much in a way that encouraged us from deciding to do something else about the game besides just playing, and that is why we decided to translate the game and make it possible for sharing it to millions of players in China (probably much more).
While knowing the fact that translating is not the work just simply replace one language to another, it also requires the skills of organizing, embroidering .etc. I myself published a fiction a couple of years ago, it turns out that my book entertained a lot of folks. So I think with my help our team can do a perfect job on not just translating, but also keeping all the fun from plots with using a completely different language.
Anyway, we couldn’t wait from doing something for the game, Reives, please contant me asap for further details. We would love to get our team authorized to be working on the translation progress.
By the way, Kan, I love your music, and you had my 5 dollars :) Enjoyed the coffee I bought you.

My email: ak47hs.com@gmail.com

King Kadelfek:
Hi ak47hs, I'm DreaMaker's author, the software used to localize the game.
I'm currently working on a new release, but for west-european characters. I don't know if Reives will be ok for a japanese of a chinese translation, but I will check as soon as possible how the soft works with asian characters. ;)

That's sweet, thanks King. Pls keep me updated.

Heya Ak, sorry for the delay in response! Aye, I'd certainly like to get a Chinese translation done at one point -- even the sales aside (though the piracy level there's pretty high, but I suppose it gets balanced by the massive population), it'd be nice to show some of my relatives there who don't speak English, hahah.

Do you have an established websites/record-base somewhere for me to take a look at, by the way?

Our team name is YYJOY localization team, but you probably wont be able to get anything in english... not sure if you could read chinese, but anyway, google yyjoy汉化组 and you will get everything about us, of course, in chinese....
We had a forum once, but it's closed. But we still have a blog running, if you want to check it, go www.yyjoy.com.
One more thing, as we are all geeks, we have another site that is about digital life, it covers everything geek related, all of our guys can be found in there. Go and have a look! (have fun with google translate) www.dgtle.com

BTW, got a nice image that covers some of our work...posted by fans, you might want to have a look


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