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Giving Games as Christmas Presents?



My brother has asked for "To the Moon" as a Christmas present.  Not having ordered from Freebird games before, I am not sure whether submitting my credit card information through the "Get full version" link will get me a download link/license key, a hardcopy version, or both.   I apologize if this information is somewhere on the site, but if so I didn't find it.  I would just like to confirm before I inadvertently pay to download this game onto my own computer =p.

Heya Micro. At the moment there's only the electronic version, though a physical copy may be available in the future. c:

But I suppose you can just make a Christmas card that has the license key on it or something~
Just as an idea until ordering physical copies becomes available. :3

If you want to have something physical, why not burn it on a CD along with a key.txt and print a nice custom inlay for it?

You can make custom inlay via GIMP, a free Photoshop-esque program! :D


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