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There's a new push to get a spanish translation going, I'm in trying to coordinate efforts right now. This time, all with public documents so nothing is lost if someone leaves the project. :)


Firstly, apologize for my broken English here. I know my grammar was very bad.

Me and my friend have a plan to translate this game into Thai language. The story of this game are just marvelous and we want people in our country to have a chance to playing it. But you know, in my country (Thailand), many people are English-text phobia. They love great story game & novel but will turn away when seeing a wall of English character. This's a huge barricade for them. So... that why I want to translate it.

The problem is...
I read from another topic and knowing that this game incompatible with Asian language (I think including Thai). But... it's was every old (2011/12/19).
So, do anyone know localization for Asian language was ready or still in progress?
If it was completed, my friend can start translating (in fact, I think he already done some of it).

Another question,
Suppose we done translating, how can we apply our translation to other people?
I know how to use DreaMaker but don't know how can other people use our translation.

Thank you,

King Kadelfek:
I stoped to develop DreaMaker. I'm working on a big budget RPG in France and I have only a little time to work on personnal projects.
I would like to stop programming, to focus on my previous skills (the artistic ones).

I gave the code source of DreaMaker to several people. But I don't think they are currently working on DreaMaker. I would like to put DreaMaker on open source licence, but I need to find a developer ready to work on the project to do so.

I'm happy to see that To the Moon seems to have a big success (front page on the biggest french video game news site, Steam, etc). I'm a bit sad that I didn't have the time to make DMK compatible with asian characters.
DMK will be useful for a lot more projects, and I hope it will be usefull one day for asian projects as well.

Hi. I have one question.

There was this message on Twitter:

But obviously that there is still no any of this localizations in Steam.

So, what happened with them?

Sorry if someone already asked this somewhere.

Just Lance:
^Aren't these things handled by Steam staff? o.O Because if Reives said so himself I doub that it got held up on side of Freebird Games.


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