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King Kadelfek:
Hello, I'm King Kadelfek, the author of DreaMaker, used to translate To the Moon.

SenorKaffee manage the team, and I answer all new questions about DreaMaker.
If you want to know if you can do something / cannot do something / how to do something, this is the right topic.
This is also the topic when I post news about DreaMaker.

I'm french, so I can answer questions in french here :
But please try to ask your questions in english in this topic, so the answers will be available to everyone.

Don't miss it ! SenorKaffee gives you everything you need !

SenorKaffee made a very good tutorial, so you can see how manage the translation from the txt file (look at 2:35) :

Translating RPGMaker Games as a Team - with DreaMaker and Google Documents
The topic of the tutorial :

DreaMaker last version

Bug report
Look at the Error.txt file or the log file if there is a bug.
Please use [ code ] balise (the "#" button) to paste the file content in your post.

So, now you can ask all the questions you want. ;)

King Kadelfek:
I received a PM from Thunderbird :

--- Quote from: Thunderbird ---Hey King Kadelfek,
will your new version of dreamaker be compitable with the old files? (able to import a 3.8 dialogue file)

I've just tried to use your tool and re-import a file, but I receive an error.

undefined method `set_texte' for #<RPG::EventCommand:0x2a39664>
Classe_Projet_Correction.rb:654:in `remplacer_dialogue'
Classe_Projet_Correction.rb:653:in `each'
Classe_Projet_Correction.rb:653:in `remplacer_dialogue'
Classe_Projet_Correction.rb:499:in `remplacer_dialogue_maps'
ctl.rb:152:in `inclure_dialogue'
interface.rb:162:in `interface_inclure'
interface.rb:34:in `interface'
main.rb:127:in `run_rb'

Do you know what this is about?
--- End quote ---

(my answers in the next message, [ b ] balise doesn't work in this message)

King Kadelfek:

Is DreaMaker x compatible with DreaMaker y ?

Any version of DreaMaker is not compatible with older or newer versions (dmk files or txt files). Because there are a lot of modifications between each version, don't try to make cross version solutions.
RM files are 100% compatible with each version of DMK : so each time you update DMK, just include your modifications in the dmk files (Step 3) and convert to RM files (Step 4).

What can I do when I got errors ?

Explain your problem in this topic. King Kadelfek receives a notification by mail and come to help.

I got an error while including dialogs : undefined method `set_texte'

(to do)

How can I include dialogs when I got errors ?
(this problem needs a real tutorial)

The txt file is splitable, so you can use dichotomy : make 2 files from your original dialogs.txt file and try to include both of them. In the one which have errors, use dichotomy again.

DMK 3.8
You can easily split the file by maps. You can split a map, but you have to keep the order Map > Event > Page.
If you have Map 1 > Event 1 > Page 1 > Page 2 > Event 2 > Page 1, you can :
- delete a page : Map 1 > Event 1 > Page 1 > Page 2 > Event 2 > Page 1
- delete an event : Map 1 > Event 1 > Page 1 > Page 2 > Event 2 > Page 1

If you keep the Map > Event > Page order, it will be ok.
Keep all the #### lines and the return lines, it is important !

Each dialog is independant, so you can split the file as you want.

I get this error at all map parts. Tried dividing into two parts, tried just using the first map.

--- Quote ---You will not have to worry about dialogs with 3 or more lines. If you need 3 or 4 lines, just write them and it will be ok. No need to add code. The dialogs will be splitted when SenorKaffee will convert the files to RMXP (Step 4 in DMK).

But don't put 3 lines dialogs right now. I will synchronize with SenorKaffee to take the current work and update the dialogs file to the new version.
I'm currently crash testing DMK XP 4.9 before sending it to SenorKaffee.
--- End quote ---
Maybe it's about this?

The file I have right now is the full German translation file we want to work with.
Shall I send it to you by mail?

About the incompatibility of DMK versions; is there a way to use the "more lines" option that is present in the new DMKxp without restarting the translation from the beginning?


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