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Resources for "To the Moon" translation projects (updated to DMK XP 4.9.1)

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To the Moon dialogue file (plain text)
TtM v1.2, DMK XP v4.9.1

TtM split dialogue translation spreadsheet (Google Docs)

The link is a read-only template. If you want a sharable copy for your translation team, please contact me with your Google-ID and I'll set up a copy for you.

Dialogue file generated with DreaMaker XP v4.9.1.
DreaMaker XP 4.9.1

Before reimporting, make sure your dialogue.txt is of UTF-8 encoding, or special characters like umlauts will not show up on the game! Advanced text editors like Editpad Lite or Notepad++ can do the conversion for you.

If you need a developer version of TtM for playtesting purposes, please contact Reives directly.


I have a bunch of questions, maybe the answers will be in the longplays you mentionned, but I don't know what those are.

So is this final, can we just translate the text (the spreadsheet is an awesome idea) and it will easily be imported back to the game?

I'm not home so I can't test, but what about the "\.", are those forced line changes?
Is there a maximum number of characters per line?
And what, three lines per text box?

And what about the text boxes finally? Do they "scroll" arrow appears automatically in-game when character limit is reached?

Do we have a maximum number of characters that fits in a single text box?

So eeeh yeah.

I'm no expert in this engine - what I've gathered so far:

Ther font used is not fixed, so there is no fixed limit in characters per line.
Trial and error or "prerendering" in Photoshop.

About those longplays - when I take from translating and actually replay TtM.
But maybe another friendly person with Fraps/Camstudio and a YouTube account could provide those?

This already helps a lot.

Unfixed, does it means that the more characters per line, the smaller the font?


--- Quote from: lambdacore on November 08, 2011, 12:44:05 PM ---Thanks!
This already helps a lot.

Unfixed, does it means that the more characters per line, the smaller the font?

--- End quote ---

Unfixed size means you can squeeze for example 10 "l" in a line, but only 7 "a" because "a" takes more space than "l".

To Reives:
Is there anyway we can test our translation directly?
I think you would not want to release your RPGMaker project file for the game, but could you send us a bare bones stripped version that allows us to test balloon boxes?

Also, i believe we need some directions from highup, for example:
- How do we treat names?
- How much freedom do we have in translating special cases like puns or anything else that is language-related?
- Do we need to compress dialogue, or can we expand the ballons (and if so, how)?
- How do we test the translation?


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