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Stuck in doctor memory (slightly spoiler)

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I'm stuck at the doctor's office where River is diagnosed. I can't find the blue (the first) memory link, and I'm certain I crawled over every inch of the two very small areas.

What am I missing?

It may be that you need to talk to Johnny at the counter. Then he'll go talk to River. That exchange between him and River that follows gives you a memory orb. Did you get that one already?

Mhmm, I am unable to talk with anyone anymore. I stopped the clock already. Johnny and River are being inanimate in both rooms, and there's nothing to investigate anymore that I haven't investigated yet (though the Platypus dialogue keeps looping).

And of course I haven't saved progress for the past two hours, and don't feel like playing it all over again to see if maybe there's a missed script-call....

The blue memento should come from Johnny -- but it's easy to miss since it's the Johnny after he walks back to River after you click on him the first time to initiate the clock dialogue; so the Johnny at the bottom right corner of the map in front of River. Let me know if that works!

Will do once I'm back at home. :) Cheers for the help.

It's odd though that I didn't spot this... maybe the Platypus-interaction-box was overlapping or something?


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